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[PACK] Aplicaciones para Diagnosticar Memoria RAM

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    [PACK] Aplicaciones para Diagnosticar Memoria RAM

    Aqui hay algunas aplicaciones que nos ayudaran a probar nuestra memoria RAM y averiguar si tiene algun problema mucho antes de que nos falle.

    Espero les sirva a todos



    RAMalyze means Raman spectrum interpretation and functional group assignment. The well proven functions of irAnalyze are now available for Raman interpretation, too. You only need a few clicks to get an automatic functional group assignment of prominent Raman bands in your spectra.

    Assignment is done based on a set of more than 1000 interpretation rules covering almost all functional groups in organic and inorganic chemistry.

    Do not waste time looking up Raman shifts!

    A built-in functional group browser shows all applicable functional groups at a specific wavenumber in your spectrum. Even experts and unexperienced users can easily review potential functional groups located at desired positions without time consuming digging in printed functional group tables.

    Rule Designer

    Interpretation rules are customizable and thus easily enhanced by user defined functional group definitions with the rule designer add-on module.

    Comprehensive sample analysis

    Combine Raman interpretation with spectral library search to improve the quality of your interpretation results. A combination of both methods yields even better high quality spectrum analysis. Even for unknown compunds in R&D this is a must!

    RightMark Memory Analyzer RMMA

    Before this test packet was created there was no proper software for measuring vital system parameters such as CPU/Chipset/RAM providing steady and reliable (reproducible) test results and allowing for changing test parameters in a wide range. Vital low-level system characteristics include latency and real RAM bandwidth, average/minimal latency of different cache levels and its associativity, real L1-L2 cache bandwidth and TLB levels specs. Besides, these aspects are usually not paid sufficient attention in product technical documentation (CPU or chipset). Such test suite, which combines a good deal of subsets aimed at measuring objective system characteristics, is a must have for estimating crucial objective platform parameters.

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